Cat Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an important part of your cat’s health care routine. By vaccinating your cat you help protect your family friend from various life threatening diseases to help them live a longer healthier life.

Does my indoor cat need to be vaccinated?

We at Hillcrest recommend that all cats should be up to date on their vaccines. Depending on your cat’s lifestyle our Veterinarians will determine the specific vaccines your cat will need to help keep them protected.

What is FVRCP and core vaccine for cats?

FVRCP is the feline distemper vaccine that should be given to all cats and kittens throughout their lives as part of a preventative health program along with a rabies vaccine. Depending on your cat’s lifestyle our veterinarians will determine the frequency and type of vaccines required.

How often does my adult cat need vaccination?

In general cats should be vaccinated on a yearly basis. During your cat’s yearly physical exam our veterinarians will determine which vaccines your specific pet needs.

Are there any risk associated with vaccines?

Unfortunately, risk-free vaccines do not exist. It is important to discuss with your veterinarian your pet’s lifestyle and anything medically that may be going on with your cat before having any vaccines. There is a small chance that reactions may develop as a result of vaccination.



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