Hillcrest Animal Hospital has a long tradition of community support. We sponsor local youth sports teams in both Quinte West and Brighton as well as supporting a number of animal-related charitable organizations. We are also very proud to be associated with Belleville’s OHL hockey team, The Belleville Bulls (check out our ad on the boards in the southwest corner of the arena!). Dr. Steen and his family, as well as a number of the staff, are avid supporters of the Bulls. Needless to say “Clinck” is more of a fan of Bully, and Toro!

Welcome to our “Community” page. Please take some time to become familiar with all of these wonderful organizations. Donations to any of the charitable ones would be much appreciated by those involved!

Animal Charities:


Fixed Fur Life


fixfurlifeFixed Fur Life is a wonderful local organization in Quinte West run by Darlene Quincy. They have been assisting pet owners in our region for almost a decade now. Their mandate is to assist people in financial need to have their pets neutered. They have also been known to assist people in need who have pets who require expensive life-saving surgical or medical procedures. Applications for assistance may only be submitted online via their website.

Farley Foundation


The Farley Foundation was established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association a number of years ago. The creator of the comic strip For Better or Worse, Lynn Johnston, was kind enough to lend the likeness of her wonderful creation “Farley” to become the official spokesdog for the organization. It is a much larger version of what Darlene Quincy has created for our local area. Please visit their website and read up on this wonderful organization.

The Belleville and District Kennel Club


Belleville and District Kennel ClubThe Belleville and District Kennel Club is another one of the groups that we sponsor regularly. For the past few years, we have had the pleasure of being their “Blue Ribbon Sponsor” for their annual show in October. Please visit their site and check out what they are all about as well as checking out the “Sponsor” page to see which other local businesses and people sponsor this worthy group.

Dominium Assistance Dogs


Dominion Assistance Dogs was created by Lisa-Marie Guernon in order to provide service dogs and canine therapeutic services to applicants from the Quinte and surrounding area. Dogs provided by her will be trained professionally, tailored to the individual needs of her clients. Their philosophy is that all people should be treated equally and that a disability does not define a person. Mental health issues do not discriminate, and all affected individuals should be able to access necessary assistance for any areas of their life that require help to live with purpose, quality, and value.

We are very proud to be associated with Lisa-Marie and to be doing our bit to help people with active assistance dogs by providing free preventive care for them.

Minor Sports Organizations:


Trenton Golden Hawks



This year we have extended our community support of sports to include our local Junior A hockey team the Trenton Golden Hawks. The Hawks have made a major effort to increase their community awareness and involvement over the past couple of years and we are very proud to support them. Please come out to the games and support the team, they are very exciting and the atmosphere in our small local arena is truly outstanding. It gets the most exciting when our local rivals the Wellington Dukes are in town (who just happen to be the Belleville Bulls farm team)!!

Quinte West Wolverines



For a number of years, Hillcrest Animal Hospital sponsored the boys Quinte West Wolverines Soccer Club. Dr. Steen helped coach the team, and his son Mason played for them. A few years ago the team was promoted to Level 4 of the East Region Soccer League (ERSL) to find teams that would be more competitive against them. In 2012 they were promoted to level 3 of the ERSL which is a major achievement being from such a small population center. Their schedule required constant travel to the Ottawa area as the majority of teams in Ontario that compete at this level are only found in much larger population centers. The whole region should be very proud of the reputation these young men established for themselves and the Quinte Region soccer program! Please visit the website and check out all of the teams from the area that compete at higher levels as well as the wonderful house-league competitors!



My Cat is Scratching and Destroying my Stuff!

Owners of indoor cats often need a way to control the scratching on inappropriate objects. There are several ways we can do this and I will briefly discuss the pros and cons of each.  Kittens often start scratching at 8 weeks of age as a way to shed their claw husks, mark territory and stretch their muscles. Our goal is to try to choose the most humane option first and keep surgical options as a last resort.

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