Healthcare Plans

Our “BEST CARE” and “BEST START” Healthcare Plans represent the very best preventive care we can provide for our patients. These packages include all of the routine testing, vaccination and prevention that we recommend every year for our healthy patients. Our Best Start Plans can even be set up to include the cost of neutering and spaying our young patients.

Often the cost of routine testing prevents clients from providing the care they would like to provide for their pets. These plans have been set up for a payment system that will allow our clients to spread out the cost of having the very best care for their pets throughout the entire year.

Payment options include:

  • Payment in total up-front
  • Monthly pre-approved monthly charges via credit card provider
  • 3 months no-interest via Citi-Financial (there is a $45 surcharge)

Each package is outlined in detail below, just click on the link and you will be sent to the appropriate page.












Should you have any questions about these packages please feel free to call us at 613-394-4811. Our staff would be very happy to answer any questions you may have.



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