RVT Chelsea Manley

Chelsea Manley, RVT

Receptionist/Nutrition Advisor

I joined the Hillcrest team in February 2018 and I decided to enter the veterinary field because I love animals and I've always wanted to work with them. I love having a career that gives me something new to learn every day! I love the fact that every day is something new and that we have such lovely clients and patients!

I went to Algonquin College from 2015-2017. I completed my placement at a cat-only clinic. Everyone calls me a crazy cat lady!

My first pet other than little pocket pets was my cat Domino. I got him as a kitten in 2008 and he's still my best friend!


Aural Hematoma

Broken down, the word “Aural” means ear, “Hematoma” means an accumulation of blood outside a blood vessel.

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