Henrica Cherrier, CCR,ACA

Animal Care Assistant
Henrica Cherrier, AKA “Sam the Little One” has been at Hillcrest Animal Hospital for almost 6 years, loving her work every day. She has been an AHA for nearly 18 years, always learning new things every day. She wanted to work in the veterinary community ever since she realized that having a career as a professional basketball player wasn’t a possibility. She respects the relationships that she has built with clients and their pets over the years and continues to enjoy meeting new clients. When away from the clinic she enjoys taking walks with her husband Frank and their dog Ben. She also has 2 cats; Merk and Loomis and 1 neurotic lovebird named Toukie. Her hobbies are boating in the summer and enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends.


Pet Food - Why Didn’t You Tell Me We Were Out!

Has this happened at your home? It most certainly has at mine.

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