Melissa Weese, ACA

Animal Care Assistant
From a very early age, I have always been drawn to animals. I grew up in a rural area around a wide variety of different pets and farm creatures, and I just knew I had to have a job working with animals someday. In 1999, I headed off to St. Lawrence College in Kingston and completed the Veterinary Assistant program the following year. I had also completed my first year of the Veterinary Technology program at the same school but ended up joining my fiancée in Victoria, British Columbia as he was posted there with the military. We ended up staying out there for 5 years, before being posted back here again. After we had been posted back to this area, I had begun working in a totally unrelated job. In March of 2008, I was contacted by another member of the Hillcrest team, that I had worked with at a previous clinic! We had kept in touch since then and she knew that I was still interested in working in the animal care field. She had told me that a maternity leave position had opened up and that I should bring in my resume, which I quickly did, and the rest, as they say, is history! Providing care and treatments to both healthy pets, and those that are hospitalized, while helping to educate their “people” so that they have all of the tools necessary to provide the best life possible for their furry friends. My first pet that was TRULY mine was my black, Miniature Rex Bunny, given to me by my husband, LONG before he was my husband! She was an Easter gift, and her name was Velvet. Knowing that I am helping to make a difference in the quality of life and care for someone’s beloved pet. It’s hard to have to leave a sick pet behind at a veterinary hospital, thinking that “strangers” will be in charge of caring for them while you go on home. I’d like to think that most often I leave owners feeling confident that their family member will be loved, and well cared for, even if “mom and dad” aren’t able to be right there with them. I love my coworkers! I love that we can all get along and work really well together. Let’s face it, I spend more time with my “work family” than my real family, and I am so happy that our team can really pull together and help and support one another in all aspects of our jobs! When I was young I had a solo singing part in a musical play at school. I still remember most of the words! I still love to sing… LOUDLY… in my car…. all of the time! Luckily, I travel alone for the most part.


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