Annual RVT Week

This week (October 12th – 18th) is National Veterinary Technician week. I wanted to take this opportunity to publish a very special thank you to the members of our staff here at Hillcrest Animal Hospital. We have 5 Registered Veterinary Technicians on staff here (and one on maternity leave) as well as a number of Animal Care Technicians. Every single one of them brings tools to the table that allow us to excel in our job every single day.

Most people have no idea just how well-trained and knowledgeable Registered Veterinary Technicians are. They are the “Registered Nurses” of the veterinary world with a three year college education behind them, capable of performing every duty that a human RN performs. For an idea of what they can do head to the Ontario Veterinary Technician website and read up about them.

Many Registered Veterinary Technicians become promoted to supervisory positions within a practice because of the skills that they posess, their knowledge of our profession and the drive they bring to work every day. For example our office manager, head receptionist and head surgery technician are all RVTs.

Our Animal Care Technicians are the “work horses” of our practice, often filling multiple roles on a daily basis. These roles can range from keeping our exam rooms clean and sterile to assisting the veterinarians in surgery, filling prescriptions and “gently” reminding us what we forgot to write on the record or get ready for our appointments.

I cannot imagine how we could even begin to function here at Hillcrest without the passion for the profession and our patients that these fine ladies bring to work every day…

Thank you ladies, from myself, Fiona, Adrianna, Maarje and Gary.

Mike Steen
Hillcrest Animal Hospital