The Benefits of Feeding Your Pet Canned Food

There are many benefits of feeding your dog or cat wet food. Not only will your pet enjoy the taste, but it can also help with hydration and weight management. Almost all of the exclusive veterinary diets we prescribe are available in cans – this allows you to practice mixed feeding without sacrificing the effectiveness of each formula. Cats are less likely to develop diabetes when eating canned food. Also, the extra water helps with older cats in renal failure.

Adding in canned food to your pet’s diet is an easy and convenient way to increase the palatability. Many of the Veterinary Exclusive foods we offer are also available in a canned option for both cats and dogs.

Feeding canned food is an easy way to increase your pet’s water intake as canned food contains approximately 70% water. Increasing water intake can help reduce the incidence of urinary tract disease (especially important in cats and small dogs), and can also help avoid dehydration in sick pets.

Administering medication to your pet can be difficult but feeding canned food can make that task easier. To reduce the risk of exposing your cat or dog to unwanted food allergens and unnecessary calories, avoid hiding pills in table foods or store-bought canned foods. It is especially important not to mix diets if your pet has dietary sensitivities or is eating an exclusive veterinary formula, which is why we offer a variety of hypoallergenic formulas in cans.

The higher water content of canned food may also help keep your cat or dog feeling full longer. Studies have shown that by adding canned food to a weight loss program, both cats and dogs had greater success. Ask us about low-calorie canned options, as it can serve as a great way to add a ‘treat’ while still managing caloric intake.

Feeding Tips

● Start feeding canned food at a young age to help acceptance of the textures.
● If your cat or dog is older and does not like wet food here are some tips:
Cats – try dipping their paw in the food to allow them to lick it off
Dogs – If you free feed, try switching to twice a day meal feeding
● Use a fork to gently break up the food before feeding
● Refrigeration after opening canned food is recommended. If your pet prefers room temperature canned food, take it’s serving and heat in microwave 10 seconds or less and stir before serving to avoid hot spots.

Written by Alicia Aide, Pet Food Advocate