Best Plan for Seniors

“Best Care” Plan for Senior Dogs

Services included in the BEST CARE Senior Dog Healthcare Package:

Free Examinations/Rechecks for 1 year *

  • Semi-Annual Comprehensive Physical Examinations (2)
    • include nail trims
    • include fecal testing for parasites
    • includes once yearly complete worming
  • Vaccinations required for optimal preventive health care
    • Distemper vaccine series (as required)
    • Rabies vaccination (once every 3 years)
    • Leptospirosis vaccination
    • Bordetella vaccination
  • Routine Screening Bloodwork once every year:
    • includes T4 level (thyroid)
    • includes heartworm test yearly
  • Screening urinalysis once every year
  • Seasonal heartworm and flea prevention
    • Revolution
  • 12 months of tick prevention can be added on to any package for an additional fee

This care package is not an insurance package. It is designed to provide the optimal preventive care package for a healthy senior dog, allowing owners to make budgeted payments. All services covered by this contract apply to regular service hours only and do not include any out-of-hours services.

* The Free examinations/rechecks included in this package cover the cost of the examinations only and do not cover any diagnostic testing or medications prescribed as a result of the examinations/rechecks.