Best Start Plan for Kittens

“Best Start” Plan for Kittens

Services included in the BEST START Kitten Healthcare Package:

Free Examinations/Rechecks for 1 year *

    • Comprehensive Physical Examinations related to all vaccinations
      • includes nail trims
      • includes fecal testing for parasites (1)
      • includes complete deworming at 4 months
    • All vaccinations required for preventive health care during the first year
      • Panleukopenia (distemper) vaccines
      • Upper Respiratory virus vaccines
      • Feline Leukemia vaccines
      • Rabies vaccination (1-year)
    • Seasonal flea and worm prevention (Advantage Multi)
    • Microchip implantation (at the time of surgery)

This care package is not an insurance package. It is designed to provide the optimal preventive care package for a healthy kitten less than 1 year of age, allowing owners to make budgeted payments. All services covered by this contract apply to regular service hours only and do not include any out-of-hours services.
Optional services to include with the BEST START plan include surgeries and spaying / neutering.The spay/neuter surgeries (optional) do not include costs associated with deciduous teeth, missing teeth, hernias, dewclaw removal or any other pre-existing problems that would require additional surgery time. These will be subject to additional fees and will be outlined before surgery.

* The Free examinations/rechecks included in this package cover the cost of the examinations only and do not cover any diagnostic testing or medications prescribed as a result of the examinations/rechecks.