Why Spay?

People seem much more willing to get their dogs and cats spayed than to get them neutered. I suspect that much of this stems from two facts. The first one is that the owner of the bitch/queen obviously gets stuck with the unwanted puppies/kittens. The second one is the behaviour and mess associated with the heat cycle. Whatever the reasons may be, we seem to have very little difficulty convincing people to have their female dogs (and cats) spayed.

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Hey That Hurts!

Controlling pain in animals has been a compelling goal of veterinarians for centuries, but we have long lacked the means. It’s really the work of just the past twenty years that has brought pain management for pets to a truly humane level. Even now it’s more of a well-honed art than pure science.

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Neuter Myths

“Neuter Myths” are those crazy ideas that people have related to the neutering of their beloved pets. First things first... “neutering” is the generic term that refers to removing the reproductive tissues from male and female animals.

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Why Neuter?

You want to do what to my dog!? That would be the male owner of the dog after we have recommended neutering. Generally followed by him crossing his legs. Not kidding, I’ve seen it happen many times. Women on the other hand seem a bit too accepting at times… at least in my (male) opinion. […]

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Hillcrest Animal Hospital has a long tradition of community support, sponsoring local youth sports teams in both Quinte West and Brighton. Please check out our “Community” page to become familiar with all of these wonderful organizations. Donations to any of the charitable ones would be much appreciated by those involved! Animal Charities: Minor Sports Organizations: […]

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