Hot spots are known by various names, including the technical mouthful “pyotraumatic dermatitis”, but they are essentially rapidly spreading, oozing, painful areas of skin inflammation that drive dogs nuts with itching (causing furious scratching and thus, the “traumatic” part in the technical term.) There are various causes, but the common thread is something that causes intense pain and itching, starting the worsening cycle of scratching and overlying infection.

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Catching Songbird Fever Doesn’t Sound Nice

As beautiful as they are to watch, those brassy bluejays, delicate finches and other songbirds can carry disease, so keep hygiene at the top of the list when managing bird feeders or houses. We’ve already seen at least one likely case of “Songbird Fever” at Hillcrest Animal Hospital this spring. It was in a cat […]

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The single largest health threat or disease condition in dogs and cats is identical to the largest one in humans. It is obesity. Recent estimates suggest that almost half of our pets are overweight (45%) to one degree or another. Within our practice approximately 10% of our canine patients are obese, with another 10% being […]

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Here’s Hair In Your Eye!

Robins sing and vacuums roar! Ahhh, Springtime!! Robins are singing, the grass is growing and vacuum cleaners are working overtime to keep ahead of the dog and cat hair. The annual spring shedding of hairy coats has begun. Except for those who choose special critters like reptiles, birds, or poodles, everyone who has housepets does […]

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Cat Spays

There’s more than one way to spay a cat! The average North American veterinarian will have spayed thousands of cats and dogs by the time she or he retires. Routine stuff, for the most part; an incision here, sutures there, remove these bits and close up. We all pretty much do the procedure the same […]

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