Drat! I broke a nail!

Drat! I broke a nail… Before I became a vet, broken nails always seemed like a bit of a tempest in that proverbial teapot. I mean, c’mon Mom, how bad can it be that the manicure will be less than perfect for a few weeks? Drama Queen! For a dog, however, a broken nail is […]

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Ticks! Yuck!

If you’ve ever found a revolting grayish pink insect sucking blood out of your dog’s neck, it won’t likely help much to know that, here in Quinte West (Trenton), ticks don’t often carry disease. The “yuck” factor associated with these ugly bugs is enough to send most pet owners scrambling for help. Ticks are a […]

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Pet Names

After waiting nearly 30 years, I finally got to meet Donny Osmond and he totally stole my heart, rubbing against me, twitching his tail happily. Doreen Osmond, the kind lady who took Donny in after a serious car accident, gave us a lot of laughs with her choice of name for the cat. We only […]

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Chomp. Can’t you just feel that cat’s teeth on your skin? Yes, “chomp” is a very descriptive word, almost musical. Now what can you do to avoid getting chomped by the cat again? Aggression in cats is a complicated behaviour problem. Of course it is. Nothing’s ever simple with cats is it? There are several […]

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