Calling All Hillcrest Fanatics!


The winner of the pair of Bulls season tickets for 2013/2014 is:


LEAH TRIPP of Trenton!


For all the rest of you Hillcrest fanatics out there, keep up the referrals. There is always next year!

And remember we will continue rewarding you for something you do all of the time… the client referral rewards program continues!

We will be tracking new clients that we receive as a result of one of you wonderful people telling them that we are the best veterinary practice around.

  • You guys all know how amazing our staff are.
  • You guys all know that our facility is clean, open and comfortable.
  • You guys all know how well we treat you and your wonderful critters.
  • You guys all know the high quality of the medicine and surgery we practice.

You guys all know these things because you have seen it every time you have come through our doors. So share us with your friends and neighbours and actually get good stuff for doing so!

It is an easy process. Just tell them to drop your name when they come in for their first appointment, or come by and pick up a couple of referral cards (we will even print your name on the back of them) and hand one to them. When your friend or neighbour comes in for the their first appointment we will send you a very sincere thank you and a Tim Horton’s gift card… and that is just the first time you refer someone. The rewards get much better as you refer more people!

The best part is that each referral you make gets tracked, and at the end of the year… or in this case in the late summer… they are all entered into a draw for the very best prize ever! Two season tickets to the best hockey in this country (and therefore the best in the world), yes, 2 season tickets to the Belleville Bulls!

Every referral you make will count as a single entry for the big draw, so refer lots of people! As you all know, you will be doing them and their pets a great favour anyway…

Mike Steen DVM
(And die-hard Belleville Bulls Fan-atic)