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What To Know About Pet Dental Care

Terms you should know: Dental Plaque Soft deposits that form on the surface of teeth.  Plaque contains many types of bacteria and can form within 2 hours after eating.


CAUTION: My Dog Can’t Hold Its Licker

No this isn’t about what you are thinking-I do not allow my dog to drink liquor. What I do mean is I have one of those dogs that licks everyone when they enter my home – whether they want it to happen or not! Not only when you enter my...


How do I Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

We all know how important oral health is.  We are bombarded every day with toothy-grinned models for Colgate toothpaste on TV, images of a smiling patient tilted back in a dental chair in the paper, & voicemails letting us know we’re due for our 6-month dental check-up.  If that’s not...


What Not to Chew!

  “My dog chews on everything, his teeth are great!”  Hmmmmm, as a veterinarian when I hear this I get shivers down my spine. Although it is great to allow chewing to prevent boredom and inappropriate destruction and to help clean teeth, there are some things your dog should just...