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We had a call from a concerned parent the other day that brings up one of companion-animal veterinarians’ pet peeves with human physicians. We probably field about 2 or 3 dozen of these a year, and always during the winter.  The parent wanted to know how she could get rid of the pinworms that their […]

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There’s Fungus amungus!

  A friend of mine is absolutely paranoid about getting ringworm, or more correctly, about her cats getting the disease. Her concern is understandable, since it’s a highly contagious skin condition and she knows several people who have had it in their homes recently. Badly misnamed, ringworm isn’t a “worm” at all, but rather a […]

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Fleas! Fleas! Fleas!

Although we are far from the flea heaven that is Florida, Quinte West is a wonderful habitat for fleas in the summertime. Here at Hillcrest Animal Hospital it is probably the single most common problem that we deal with over the year. Believe it or not, even dinosaurs suffered from fleas! The ancestor of today’s […]

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Ticks! Yuck!

If you’ve ever found a revolting grayish pink insect sucking blood out of your dog’s neck, it won’t likely help much to know that, here in Quinte West (Trenton), ticks don’t often carry disease. The “yuck” factor associated with these ugly bugs is enough to send most pet owners scrambling for help. Ticks are a […]

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Would You Know the Difference - Online Ordering Precautions

Nowadays, you can get everything online.

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