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How to Know When it’s Time…

Often when it comes to making an end of life decisions, some people struggle with knowing when the time is right.

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Senior Preventative Disease Examination

As our pets age, we can expect some of the same ailments to occur that we see in ourselves – minus the wrinkles! Regular physical exams and blood work are crucial in early disease detection. I will briefly discuss some of the vital geriatric concerns.

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Getting Older Is Not A Disease

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding choices many of us make. The unconditional love that a pet can give us can be just what everyone needs. Some of us are just meant to be animal lovers and some of us are not. Either way is just fine but for those of us […]

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Euthanasia – from the Greek meaning “easy death”, from euthanatos (eu- + thanatos). There is nothing “easy” about euthanasia from the point of view of the owners of our patients. However from the point of view of our patients it is very easy indeed. Euthanasia (or “putting them to sleep” as we say more commonly) […]

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End Of Life Dialogue

Frank dialogue is needed about terminally ill pets. End-of-life discussions are sad, but inevitable conversations for most everyone who keeps pets. Is it time to say goodbye? Should we stop treating? The only certainty is that open discussion must take place to help avoid regrets and suffering. I recently read an article by a human […]

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Marijuana (Cannabis) and Pets

There are many claims of amazing benefits of using CBD both with or without THC in our pets but what is true and what is not?

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