What is Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs?

Cognitive dysfunction is common as a dog ages. Simple tasks that your dog would naturally know would start to diminish. These tasks may include: staring at walls, pacing at night, leaking urine while lying or sleeping, etc. Veterinarians use a tool called DISHAA to help assess your dog for cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS).

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) increases with age:
8-10 years: 3.4%
10-12 years: 5%
12-14 years: 23.3%
>14 years: 41%

The below chart outlines signs for owners to watch for with their dog. If your pet is experiencing any of symptoms listed below, you should book an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss options.

CD chart

There are many different things that can help your pet with the ageing process from as little as a diet change, supplements and medications. Senior pets are at a higher risk for many different disease processes just like in us, and anything we can do to help slow that process down or coup with an existing issue will greatly benefit your pet’s overall happiness. Diet can play a huge role in your pet’s life and making sure they are on the correct formula for the stage of life is significantly beneficial. Listed below are a few options for our senior pets that can help them live a long and healthier life.

CD chart 2

If you would like to discuss your senior pet’s overall health, please contact us at 613-394- 4811 or e-mail at info@hillcrestanimalhospital.ca.

Written by Alicia Aide, Pet Food Advocate