Fundraise For Farley

How many of you remember (or even still read!) the wonderful comic strip “For Better or For Worse” written by Lynn Johnston? The strip centered around the Patterson family and often followed their beloved English Sheep Dog Farley and his mis-adventures. In 2001 Lynn Johnston was approached by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and asked if she would lend the image of Farley to an organization designed to help low-income elderly or disabled people provide care for their pets during times of need. This wonderful Canadian icon stepped up and the Farley Foundation was born.

The Farley Foundation logo

Since that time more than 5,000 pets across Ontario have received care that their owners simply would not have been able to afford (over 2 million dollars!). Their stories are on their website for all to read about. Every veterinary practice in Ontario has access to funds from these folks on an annual basis to provide one-time services for financially-limited clients who need care for their pets. This has allowed us to provide needed care for quite a few patients over the past few years here at Hillcrest.

The organization raises funds through numerous veterinary hospitals across the province, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and private donations. Read Dr. Fiona Gilchrist’s post about her bike ride for Farley this year which has become an annual fund-raising event for the Foundation. October has been the annual “Fundraise For Farley Month” for a number of years now. During this time veterinary hospitals across Ontario, as well as across the country, fund-raise for this wonderful charity. At Hillcrest Animal Hospital our staff are having a number of fund-raising activities over the month in an effort to increase our annual donation to this charity. This year we plan on taking pictures of our patients in costume for Hallowe’en and posting them on our website and in the hospital. Please put a costume on your critter and bring them in for a photo and make a donation to a great cause! Perhaps you can follow us on Facebook as we continue our efforts on a regular basis this month (just click one of the links on any of our pages).

Please take the time to visit their website and read about the Farley Foundation. Consider dropping by the hospital and making a donation or making one on-line. Help us to help others to care for their beloved pets.


The Staff and Veterinarians of Hillcrest Animal Hospital