Hackers Suck, Again!

Hi Folks:

It appears that once again our stand-alone internet computer was hacked. The malware accessed all stored email addresses that this computer has received over time and generated an email designed to access your own email database and spread itself. These addresses were collected by the computer whenever we received an email and has nothing to do with our hospital system email addresses associated with patient files. This particular computer of ours has absolutely no access to our hospital computer system and is a “stand-alone” computer. No patient files can be accessed through this computer.

The only client impact this will have will be our lack of ability to view emails for a few days. Please call with your questions instead of sending emails.

Please DO NOT open any previous email “from us”… simply delete it. You do not have an outstanding invoice from us or whatever it is telling you. We are sorry about this but there was little we could do to prevent it. We now suspect that the hacker(s) are accessing our computer through our service provider.

If you have any concerns or questions about this at all, please give us a call and we will do our best to answer them. Again, there is literally no way that any patient information could be accessed from this computer, so all patient-related information is uncompromised.

Thank you for your patience.

Mike Steen, DVM