Heartworm, Ticks and Fleas, Oh My!

I am sure you have heard many times from any and every veterinary hospital around that it is parasite season. The warm weather brings the mosquitoes that spread heartworm, the ticks that spread Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia, and fleas, which spread tapeworm. Not to mention you will be walking your dog more, and if he/she sniffs at another dog’s poo, intestinal parasites can be contracted.

What can pet owners do to keep our beloved pets safe from all these parasites?

There are many prevention and treatments on the market. Some you may give once a month; some can be given every three months. Some can be applied to the skin, and some are to be given orally. Most cover many, but often you need to give multiple medications to protect from all these bugs.

New this year we have a medication that covers them all. One chewable treat once a month from June to November will protect your pet for six straight months from diseases and infestations spread by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. Easy and pain-free — peace of mind in the busy and fun summer months.

Call us today at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, 613-394-4811. We are here to protect your pet.

Written by: Darlene Cannon, RVT