You Love Your Cat and We Love to Take Care of Your Cat

Why is preventive care worth it? 

  • Routine dental care can keep your cat’s mouth pain-free and healthy (as well as prevent damage to other organs).
  • Parasites can be harmful to your cat and put your family at risk for infection.
  • Added weight can lead to health problems such as diabetes and arthritis.

When is it time to visit the vet?

  • Is your cat soiling in the house?
  • Has your cat’s usual behaviour changed?
  • Is your cat eating or drinking more or less than usual?
  • How is your cat’s breath?
  • Does your cat vocalize?
  • Has your cat’s grooming behaviour changed?
  • Is there unexplained weight gain or loss?

Cats tend to hide or behave ‘normally’ even when they aren’t OK. Due to their rate of ageing, it is important to have them examined once yearly to ensure we are staying ahead of any health problems they may develop.

Written by: Sarah Tremblay, RVT