More Charity from the Bulls!

Well it appears that our beloved Belleville Bulls are taking one last hard kick at the charitable fund-raising can. They are auctioning off 2 complete sets of game-worn jerseys on the CHL auction site (at in an effort to raise more money for their favourite charities. This list particularly includes Fixed Fur Life , The Lung Association , the Belleville General Hospital Foundation and the Quinte Children’s Foundation .

Of particular interest to our clients is of course, Fixed Fur Life. I cannot think of a more deserving local charity for animals than Fixed Fur Life. If by some chance you are unfamiliar with their work, please visit their website and see just what it is they accomplish.

So, please take some time (and a bit of money) and visit the site and bid on some jerseys. These are game-worn regular season black and gold jerseys (or gold and black) and the charities are every bit as amazing and deserving as they were when our Beloved Bulls still played at The Yardmen.

Mike Steen
Hillcrest Animal Hospital
June, 2015