On August 18th, from 10 AM until 2 PM we will be having an Open House at Hillcrest Animal Hospital. This Open House serves many purposes but the most important by far is to serve as a fund-raising opportunity for the Quinte Humane Society.

The Quinte Humane Society is badly in need of a new building to accommodate the rising number of homeless animals they have to deal with every day. Their present building is old, very high maintenance and does not meet their current needs. For the last few years they have been working very hard to raise funds to have a new building constructed. Folks from the Humane Society will be present to collect as much of your money as you are willing to give them and will have a few adoptable, adorable furry faces with them!

The U-15 Quinte West Wolverines boys soccer team will again be on-site with a barbeque fund-raiser this year. As a pleasant twist we will be serving freshly made barbeque pancakes with real maple syrup during the morning hours instead of the usual barbeque fare! Hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages will however be available at and after lunch time of course. The profits from this fund-raiser will be split between the team (to meet travel expenses back and forth from Ottawa) and the folks at QHS.

There will be a number of celebrities on-site during the Open House. Join the Mix 97 crew with the incomparable Jack Miller, “Bully” from the Belleville Bulls, as well as a couple of Bulls players (we hope!). A long-time client of ours Padre Sid Horne will be here from 8-Wing to attend our inaugural flag raising on our new flagpole. We will even have a live band playing at noon!

Dr.Fiona Gilchrist and the amazing folks from the Quinte Lost Dog Network will be running a low-cost microchipping clinic on-site. Also present will be Edith Trussler demonstrating physiotherapy and massage techniques on dogs. Lisa-Marie Guernon of Muzzles and Snouts will be present demonstrating training techniques for dogs and cats! Dr. Adrianna Sage will be performing “teddy bear surgeries” for the younger folks to attend and participate in. Meanwhile the remainder of our staff will be available waiting to assist you in exploring our hospital.

During the day we and other local businesses will be providing prizes from draws and we hope to have a big announcement on-site and on-air during the celebration concerning the Quinte Humane Society.

So please set aside some time to come and see us on August 18th. We will be looking forward to the opportunity to meet with potential new clients and familiar faces and show off our hospital.