Open House Thank You

We have many folks to thank for our successful Open House this past weekend.

We managed to raise $2,345 for the Quinte Humane Society new building fund. At the same time the Quinte West Wolverines U-15 boys soccer team raised $620 for themselves (excluding $370 they donated to the Quinte Humane Society).

First we wish to thank the many local businesses who contributed prizes for our raffle and the silent auction:

• Barink Electric
• Candy Cuts
• Captain George’s
• Dream Day Cakes by Sherry
• Donini Chocolatiers
• Forget Me Not Florists
• Genesis Dog Rescue
• Hill’s Pet Nutrition
• Lottie Jones Florists
• Mary Haggerty (Pet Portraits)
• Medi-Cal/Royal Canin
• Muzzles & Snouts
• Novartis
• Pet Secure Insurance
• PH Mechanical
• Pharma Plus
• Purina
• Randall’s Office Supplies
• Red Tail Vineyard
• Taste of Country
• Tim Horton’s
• Tomasso’s
• Winstead Kennels

Some special thanks are due to Gary Barink (Barink Electric) for contributing 2 loads of split wood for auction as well as providing his pancake barbequing expertise. Half of the proceeds from the wood went to the Wolverines and the other half were contributed to the Moelker Family children.

Dream Day Cakes by Sherry not only contributed a cake for the silent auction they also made a beautiful Hillcrest Animal Hospital cake which was enjoyed by many people, as well as delicious “paw print” cookies.

The wonderful folks from Quinte Lost Dog Network contributed their time to the microchipping clinic and (along with Dr. Gilchrist) raised $1125 for the Humane Society.

Thanks also to the Quinte WestMembers of the Quinte West Wolverines with Cheryl Lepine and Dr. Steen Wolverines U-15 boys soccer team for their hard work through the day at the barbeque and for donating half of their proceeds to the Quinte Humane Society.

And we cannot possibly forget the band “Not Yet” who provided some live rock music over the lunch hour.

Last, but definitely not least, to my staff and all of the wonderful people who attended our open house and made all of this possible… Thank you all so very much.

Now folks please don’t forget the Pucks 4 Paws event we will be sponsoring with the Belleville Bulls sometime this fall. Let’s get together then and raise some serious money for the Quinte Humane Society building fund!

Dr. Michael Steen

P.S. On a personal note I would like to thank Jack Miller for coming out to conduct our on-air interviews for the Open House. I would also like to thank the Belleville Bulls and Daniil Zharkov and Sergey Kuptsov for taking time out of their training schedule to drop by and help us out.