Our Service Dog Policy

For decades we have had a policy at Hillcrest to help the members of our community that require the help of a service dog. We have done whatever we could to attempt to reduce the costs associated with general preventive care for any client of ours who has an active service dog. With the creation of our BEST CARE packages this has actually become quite simple… we will provide the appropriate BEST CARE package to any of our patients who are active service dogs (seeing eye, hearing ear, PTSD…) free of charge on a yearly basis. These packages cover all routine preventive care for our patients for a full year, everything from vaccinations to heartworm prevention in one package.

I have always felt an obligation to reduce the stress on the owners of these wonderful dogs. It has become even more important to do so now with the increase in the number of PTSD service dogs in our society. Our war veterans deserve every bit of support that we as a community can give them. This is our small contribution to their peace of mind. We as a hospital are also very proud of our association with Lisa-Marie Guernon and her service dog training program .