Your Pet Can Benefit From a Dental Diet!  

The dental foods our veterinarians recommend are unique.  The Hill’s T/D acts like a toothbrush as the tooth breaks through the kibble, creating a scrubbing action.  The size of the kibble can sometimes look intimidating, but you would be surprised how well your pet will do with it.  It’s been proven to reduce buildup of tartar & plaque.

There are also dental chews that are available.  You would just give 1 chew a day.
We have a wide variety of beef rawhide’s and veggie-dents for dog’s and some options for your feline friend as well.

The beef rawhides have 2 options.
1. The regular chews that work while your pet is chewing it
2. Hextra chew that has a chlorhexidine coating that works for 24 hours (kind of like mouthwash, for us)

Stop by our Nutrition Center to try your cat or dog on a dental diet.  It’s complete & balanced and also has a 100% taste guarantee.
The dental diets & treats that we have available also have the VOHC (veterinary oral health council) seal of approval.

Written by Alicia Aide, Pet Food Advocate