Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance – to buy or not to buy? That is the question. I once worked with a veterinarian who when asked about pet insurance said; “Well, either you are an insurance person, or you are not.” What does that mean? I never really asked him, but this is what I think.

Pet Insurance is an amazing thing. I have set many puppies up with a free trial (most insurance companies offer this through your veterinary hospital). It has helped them greatly in the first 8 – 10 weeks of pet ownership. I have seen puppies come down with parvovirus, which is a life-threatening disease for puppies. The insurance company covered 80% of a $2500.00 bill. A kitten was stepped on and got a broken leg, a puppy bit an electrical cord and got oral burns, and even a cat from the shelter ended up with a bad upper respiratory infection. All these injuries and illnesses were expensive bills that the insurance company helped pay. I feel guilty if a pet did not get the free trial insurance as I have seen such wonderful benefits to the owner.

Pets are a risk at any age really, and it can be quite a costly endeavour taking a pet to the veterinary hospital for an unexpected accident or injury.

  • Accidentally hit by a car.
  • Running through the woods and cut by a stick.
  • Chewing on a rock and broke a tooth.
  • A male cat that has “blocked” and cannot pass urine.
  • I have even seen pet insurance cover for expensive allergy medicine for a pet.

The list of unexpected emergencies can go on and on, and unfortunately, we cannot plan for, or budget for them happening. It is where Pet Insurance is a huge help.

Preventive medicine is a “big thing” in veterinary medicine, and with the help of your veterinary team, you can plan and save for these expenses. However, there are also different plans for pet insurance that will cover even preventive care for your pet! Of course, the more a plan covers, the more it costs. If you do your research and compare the costs of the insurance plan versus the costs of preventive medicine and risks of accident, you may find this is worthwhile.

If in the end, you decide that paying a monthly premium allows you peace of mind and the ability to better care for your pet in case of emergency — then I guess you are an “Insurance Person.”

For information about Pet Insurance or you would like to enroll your pet for a free trial, please call us at Hillcrest Animal Hospital at 613-394-4811. We are here for you and your beloved family pet.

Written by: Darlene Cannon, RVT