Remembrance Day

Poppy with lest we forget textHillcrest Animal Hospital will be closed on Friday, November 11 for Remembrance Day. As with most families in this country my family has had its share of members serving in the armed forces of both Canada and the United States. We have been blessed in that none of our family members have paid the ultimate price for their service.  My grandfather served in both World Wars. My uncle Shawn served in the Canadian Air Force (here in Trenton for a few years as a matter of fact), and my uncle Frank served as a recon marine in the United States for 2 tours in Vietnam.  I believe strongly that every single one of us owes a tremendous debt to the people who bought our freedom and standard of living with their lives.

I am originally from “Down East” (Nova Scotia) where just about every business closes for Remembrance Day. For the last 3 years Hillcrest has been closed on this day. As long as I am at the helm of the hospital it will continue to be closed on Remembrance Day to honour the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers.

Thank you for allowing us to do this and for honouring our fallen troops in your own way on this day.

On Friday another local veterinarian, Dr. Chiemi Ogawa of Presqu’ile Animal Hospital in Brighton  will cover any of our client emergencies until the emergency hospital opens at 6 PM.

We will never forget

Dr. Michael Steen
Hillcrest Animal Hospital