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Pet Food – Why Didn’t You Tell Me We Were Out!

Has this happened at your home? It most certainly has at mine.

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AAFCO – Your First Defense in Choosing Pet Foods

AAFCO is an abbreviation for Association of American Feed Control Officials.

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The Benefits of Feeding Your Pet Canned Food

There are many benefits of feeding your dog or cat wet food. Not only will your pet enjoy the taste, but it can also help with hydration and weight management. Almost all of the exclusive veterinary diets we prescribe are available in cans – this allows you to practice mixed feeding without sacrificing the effectiveness […]

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Choosing the Right Pet Food

There is specific information that must be provided on a pet food label. Owners must be aware that labels are a promotional tool to attract their decisions. What does that mean? Much of the information provided – including the ingredient list and use of terms such as “holistic”; “premium” or “human-grade” is of little value […]

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Does your pet have allergies?

Why it is recommended to purchase an allergy food through your veterinarian.

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Would You Know the Difference - Online Ordering Precautions

Nowadays, you can get everything online.

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