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CAUTION: My Dog Can’t Hold Its Licker

No this isn’t about what you are thinking-I do not allow my dog to drink liquor. What I do mean is I have one of those dogs that licks everyone when they enter my home – whether they want it to happen or not! Not only when you enter my home will you be greeted […]

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Your Pet Can Benefit From a Dental Diet!  

The dental foods our veterinarians recommend are unique.  The Hill’s T/D acts like a toothbrush as the tooth breaks through the kibble, creating a scrubbing action.  The size of the kibble can sometimes look intimidating, but you would be surprised how well your pet will do with it.  It’s been proven to reduce buildup of tartar […]

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Would You Know the Difference - Online Ordering Precautions

Nowadays, you can get everything online.

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