We Are Hillcrest Animal Hospital

We have spent years assembling a caring, out-going, skilled staff to help us provide the very best care we possibly can for your pets. This will be evident from the warm greeting you will receive from our receptionists when you walk through our front door into our beautiful spacious lobby. We have two dedicated receptionists who will see to it that you receive the services you desire as soon as we can possibly deliver them to you. As well as a fully-trained technical staff who will see to it that you understand all procedures that are recommended for your pets. Our goal is to become the premier veterinary hospital in the Quinte region.

We have 4 full-time veterinarians on staff as well as a part-time veterinarian providing over 75 years of combined experience in practice. We also have 4 Registered Veterinary Technicians, along with 2 receptionists and 4 veterinary assistants whose only goal is to provide the best care for your pet that they possibly can. You will leave our hospital happy if it is in our power to see that you do.

In the spring of 2010 we underwent an expansion and extensive renovations to provide us with a facility that we could be proud to practice out of. And we are very proud of our hospital! It is completely handicapped-accessible including remote-activated doors, washrooms and a special extra-large exam room with an wide doorway designed to accommodate wheelchairs. We also have 5 other exam rooms, including 2 which are dedicated to cats alone. Our new hospital makes it very easy for us to deliver the quality of medicine and surgery that is second to no one else in this area. Feel free to ask any one of our many clients how they feel about our hospital, our staff or our service.

In our on-site laboratory we have the very latest in diagnostic laboratory equipment to help us diagnose illness quickly. Rapid diagnosis allows us to begin treatment promptly and ensure that your pet receives immediate targeted care for whatever ails them. We also have a full radiology (x-ray) suite as well as a separate dental suite that includes a dental x-ray machine and ultrasonic dental instrumentation. Our veterinarians have supplementary training in dental procedures that allows us to deliver exceptional service in this area. We also have a large treatment area for routine procedures and an isolated suite for all major surgical procedures.

Your pet will never be left unattended or un-monitored during any surgical procedure we perform, not even for a moment! There is at least one veterinarian and one technician assigned to each and every surgery. Over-seeing and orchestrating all of our surgical procedures is our head surgical technician, who has almost 2 decades of experience in the field. As well as individual surgical attention, all of our anaesthetic procedures are tailored to the individual needs of our patients and the procedures they are under-going. Pain management is a priority in our practice; before, during and after all surgical procedures. When our patients go home after a procedure you can rest-assured that they are pain-free and comfortable.

Our vaccination protocols are also tailored to the individual needs of our patients. No one will receive a vaccination that we are not certain that they require. Nor will they receive them any more often than they should.

Our “Food Room” lies through a set of glass doors in the south end of our reception area. In this room we have dedicated staff members who will help you to choose the food that best suits your pet’s needs. They will also make sure that you will feed the appropriate amount of food. On subsequent visits they will remember which foods you need and be sure that your pet continues to get the proper diet. There is no pet store “up-selling” here folks! Nor is there any of the confusion and misinformation you are subject to out there. We carry only premium lines of food for maintenance and medical purposes.

Inevitably the time will come to say farewell to your beloved pet. When this happens we have a separate grieving room set up for our clients to help you get through this painful period. It has a quiet, subdued atmosphere and is removed from the rest of the examination rooms we use. Grieving clients may remain in this room for as long as they need to in order to properly say goodbye to their beloved pets. It also allows you to exit the facility without going through our lobby and facing other clients waiting with their pets.

Please, come visit our hospital, we are always looking for new clients. Introduce yourself to the staff. They will be glad to show you around our facility. Our hospital is a reflection of the quality of the service, the quality of our staff and doctors and the quality of care that we bring to work every day. We hope that you will be as proud to be a client of our hospital as we are to practice within its walls.


Dr. Michael Steen