At Hillcrest we believe in providing compassionate care for all of our patients and for their owners. For the past four decades we have served the region of Quinte West with respect and integrity.

Currently Hillcrest employs 4 full-time veterinarians, one part-time veterinarian and over a dozen staff members to provide full and complete care to our clients. In our facility in Trenton we provide all aspects of small animal medical and surgical care.

Our mascot, Clinck, is the inspiration for Hillcrest and it’s on this page that you’ll be able to follow his adventures and progress. Clinck is Hillcrest Animal Hospital’s miracle cat. From his first arrival as a bloody and broken victim of a roadside accident to his ongoing and amazing recovery, Clink is the heart of Hillcrest and will be around greeting our food room customers for years to come.

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