What To Expect!

What to expect – with your pet– when you are expecting.

Are you pregnant or have you recently had a baby? If so, there are a number of new products in your home for protecting the health of you and your baby that can pose a threat to the health of your furry family members.

Attend our free information seminar to learn how to prepare your home and protect your growing family. The more you know about possible dangers, the better you will be able to prevent emergencies and heartbreak.


pet poison
In the first of an upcoming series of presentations, Darlene Cannon, one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians has prepared a very informative seminar outlining the risks associated with some of the common products you will be bringing into your home. The seminar is scheduled for August 26th at 6:15 PM at Hillcrest. Attendance is free but we need to know how many people to expect so please let us know if you are planning on attending.


Please fill out this form to register for the seminar:

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July, 2015