Barks By The Bay

Every summer in Quinte West for the past seven years there has been a special festival for “dogs only” called Barks By The Bay. This show allows people from all aspects of the dog “industry” to show off their products and allows dog owners to show off their dogs.

This year the show took place in Trenton at Centennial Field. It moved from the previous years’ digs to accommodate an increase in size. We were there along with other local and “less” local businesses to interact with our clients and patients and hopefully impress some folks and drum up some new business.

Our own shutterbug Dr. Fiona Gilchrist spent a good part of the day snapping photos of our staff, our clients and random folks around the area of our booth. Check out Dr. Steen’s spiffy scrub top! Seems very odd that pretty much every single photo seemed to have at least one dog in it…