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As recently as just a couple of decades ago veterinary medicine placed an emphasis on “fire-engine medicine”. This meant that we did very little with our patients unless they were actually ill or hurt, at which point we would rush into action to deal with the current injury or problem. As their pets have come to be a much more important part of their lives, veterinary clients have begun to insist on better, “preventive” care for their beloved companions. Veterinarians have responded to this by performing many more routine tests and procedures that are familiar to our clients; routine blood and chemistry screens, vaccinations, regular physical exams, x-rays and dental care, pre-operative blood work and intra-operative fluid therapy to name just a few. All of these procedures are designed to detect or prevent problems before they can occur when they are most easily treated. The emphasis in veterinary medicine has therefore shifted from “fire-engine medicine” to preventive health care. We at Hillcrest Animal Hospital believe that this is the best form of care that can be offered to our clients for their pets. Each and every member of our staff has made it their goal to be involved in practicing only the highest quality preventive medicine and surgery with compassion, an emphasis on client education and the preservation of the quality of life of our patients.

We all believe strongly in this philosophy and will do our utmost to see it carried out every day within our practice; from reception to the exam room, surgery to recovery. We understand and cherish the powerful bond that exists between our clients, their family members and their pets. We have made it our life’s work to respect and honour that bond and to enhance it at every opportunity by offering only our best care at all times.

We believe that information is the cornerstone from which our clients can build long, healthy, happy relationships with their pets. Our approach to medicine incorporates educating our clients in every aspect of the care of their pets, from nutrition and preventive health care through to recommending trusted experts from outside of our walls to ensure the continued good health of our patients.

We are honoured that our clients entrust us with the care of their pets. Every client who walks through our doors will be treated with honesty and respect and be served in the timeliest manner we can manage. We believe that this respect and trust moves in both directions and expect our clients to treat our staff and our advice with the same respect with which they are treated. Every patient that comes through our doors will receive our utmost attention and our best efforts every single day.

Together, with our clients, we will ensure that our patients will live long, healthy, happy lives.