The Risk of Missing Teeth

Dentigerous Cysts Your pet is missing teeth. No big deal you may think but that is not entirely true.

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Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

Over the past few months, I have seen articles floating around about Hasbro’s robotic dog and cats. Initially, I didn’t think much of it because when I saw the pictures of the toys, I assumed they were just that, children’s toys.

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Parasite Season

We keep using this phrase and I felt it may need a further description as we in the profession use it so often we expect others around us know what we group into it. Sadly, the term Parasite Season is ever evolving as new and even grosser bugs adapt to our climate.

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Your Cat Needs To Drink More Water

Your cat may be prone to troubles with his urinary tract system and one easy way to help prevent this is to encourage increased intake of water. Feed your cat canned food. It is high in water content, and most cats appreciate the treat.

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Rabies Vaccine: Does My Indoor Cat Really Need It?

Recently I heard someone mention that “rabies is extinct and no longer exists.” Unfortunately, as much as we would love for that to be true, it just isn’t.

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