Smelly Breath to Fresh Smiles

Your senior pet is in desperate need of a dental cleaning, but you have concerns about putting an older pet under anesthetic for a “cosmetic procedure.”

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Pet Poison Pointers in a Pinch

Has your pet potentially got into something he/ she shouldn’t have? You will need to call your veterinarian, but first please collect a little information that we will ask you before you pick up that telephone.

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What is Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs?

Cognitive dysfunction is common as a dog ages. Simple tasks that your dog would naturally know would start to diminish. These tasks may include: staring at walls, pacing at night, leaking urine while lying or sleeping, etc. Veterinarians use a tool called DISHAA to help assess your dog for cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS).

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Senior Preventative Disease Examination

As our pets age, we can expect some of the same ailments to occur that we see in ourselves – minus the wrinkles! Regular physical exams and blood work are crucial in early disease detection. I will briefly discuss some of the vital geriatric concerns.

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The Benefits of Feeding Your Pet Canned Food

There are many benefits of feeding your dog or cat wet food. Not only will your pet enjoy the taste, but it can also help with hydration and weight management. Almost all of the exclusive veterinary diets we prescribe are available in cans – this allows you to practice mixed feeding without sacrificing the effectiveness […]

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