Blog: Dental Care

missing teeth

The Risk of Missing Teeth

Your pet is missing teeth. No big deal you may think, but that is not entirely true.

Smiling pug

Smelly Breath to Fresh Smiles

Your senior pet is in desperate need of a dental cleaning, but you have concerns about putting an older pet under anesthetic for a “cosmetic procedure.”

Anesthesia Free Dental Care?

Is Anesthesia-Free Dentistry Best For Your Pet?

There is a trend going around that your pet’s teeth can be cleaned with her awake. Let’s simplify this – do you like going to the dentist?

Recognizing Dental Disease in Your Pets

Top 5 Signs of Recognizing Dental Disease in your Pet

We all love our pets very much, and love snuggling and smooching with them but we know when we get close to their faces for a kiss sometimes it isn’t as pleasant as we would like it to be.