Blog: Pet Parasite Prevention

tick on a black dog

My Dog Has A Tick!

What now? A blood test called a 4DX test should be run to determine if your dog has antibodies to

4dx testing dog

What is a 4DX?

When Spring arrives all vet clinics start calling dog owners to remind them that their seasonal 4DX test is due, but what is this? We often forget that owners don’t speak our language! Simply put, a 4DX is a blood test that checks to see if your dog has antigen...

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Those Pesky Fleas!

The season for fleas is upon us!! Fleas can obviously be present all year long but when the warmer weather arrives our pets spend more time outside and mingle with other pets which means a higher risk of exposure. Here are some tips on how to spot and prevent fleas.

Spring Time… Tick Time!

There are ticks under those snowbanks! It’s hard to believe life can survive beneath this year’s massive crop of snowbanks, yet roses will grow, grass will return and tens of thousands of ticks will soon beat them both out as the first sign of spring. This winter’s extremes won’t have...