Pet of the Month: Domino

My 10-year-old German Shepherd x Husky loved to get into stuff he shouldn’t have when he was younger. Anywhere from eating his stuffed animals, chewing on baseboards, eating the bottom of my couch and also eating my bedding.
Domino started to have extreme diarrhea.

I brought him into our animal hospital and did extensive bloodwork. Dr. Steen informed me that Domino had irritated his bowels and was now diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Dr. Steen put Domino onto a short course of medications to help with his current diarrhea issue and then told me that I needed to transition his dog food to a diet that helped with Gastro-Intestinal (GI) upsets and that this will be a lifetime diet.

I decided to go with Purina Pro Plan EN Gastro and he is thriving on this diet, other than when he gets into the kitty litter box and has some unbelievable gas that will clear you out of the room. What I really like about the Purina EN Gastro diet is that it has undergone animal feeding test and Purina uses high-quality ingredients.

Written by Alicia Aide, Pet Food Advocate