Euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions anyone can ever make but as a pet owner, unfortunately, it is something that eventually we will have to face. With our separate bereavement room, we can provide a comforting and peaceful atmosphere for those final moments with your pet. We are partnered with Gateway Pet Memorial Services who offer individual cremation choices and unique memorial products. They offer a number of ways for you to say your final goodbye and remember your pet for years to come.

When should I consider euthanasia?

End of life discussions are very difficult, but inevitable conversations for most everyone who owns a pet. Is it time to say goodbye? Should we stop treating? We are here to help you and your pet during this difficult time with professional staff and a separate bereavement room.

What happens during euthanasia?

During a euthanasia, a pet is peacefully and painlessly put to sleep. Depending on your pet’s individual needs each veterinarian will explain the procedure beforehand and allow you as much tie as you need before during and after the procedure in our separate bereavement room.

Can you stay with your cat during euthanasia?

At Hillcrest Animal Hospital, we have a separate bereavement room that allows you to spend as much of time you need before during and after saying goodbye to your beloved pet.

What is the cost of euthanasia?

The cost of euthanasia can vary depending on the wishes of the owner. At Hillcrest, we offer several different options for aftercare and keepsakes that our staff can discuss specifically with you during this difficult time.

Do you offer pet bereavement support service?

Dealing with a loss of a pet can be very overwhelming and we encourage anyone who is having trouble to please contact the clinic and we can offer help during this difficult time.