Be A Tree With Darlene

Among the many excellent staff members we have here at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, our Head Surgical Technician, Darlene Cannon, stands out in a special way.

Darlene has three young children and has directed her passion for them and her work over the last number of years into a program called “Be A Tree”. Be A Tree is an educational program that teaches children how to behave properly around dogs, as well teaching them how to avoid being bitten if a dog is aggressive.

Darlene goes out to area schools as well as service groups (like Girl Guides and Scouts organizations) and gives them a presentation on the topic.The presentation is geared around the young but has lessons that even the parents who attend seem to learn from. She often receives gestures of thanks from these groups which we put on display in the hospital for all to see.

Thanks from JSKA At FPS

This poster was created by the Junior and Senior Kindergarten Classes at Frankford Public School to thank Darlene for her presentation to them.

Darlene has been with our practice since 1997 and like the rest of our wonderful staff we are blessed to have her with us.

Mike Steen, DVM
June, 2015