Hippity-Hop Easter is on Its Way

Easter is one of the most exciting holidays, it is full of chocolate and the anticipation of Spring. With Easter comes some gifts that are not always good with our furry friends at home.

As lovely as gifts are, there are some gifts we should keep out of reach from our furry friends.

  1. Easter Lily Plant

    easter flower and eggsA nice gift often given by visiting friends and family is an Easter Lily plant. Did you know that ingestion of Easter Lilies (Lilium longiflorum) and Tiger Lilies (Lilium trigrinum) can cause kidney failure and then death if untreated in cats? They are not a concern for dogs luckily. Treatment is most successful if done immediately but if done within the first 18 hours after ingestion we have some success. After this time period kidney failure is inevitable.

  2. Chocolate

    chocolateThe other concern that we all seem to know about is Chocolate Toxicosis. It takes a large amount of milk chocolate to make a dog sick and even more to cause a life-threatening illness. In a 20 pound dog it would take approximately 1 pound of milk chocolate to be a potential concern.Unsweetened baker’s chocolate has the highest level of theobromine, the toxic agent. If ever in doubt call us or go to the Animal Poison Control Center’s website.

    In the past I have seen a dog who swallowed an entire plastic Easter Egg which had to be surgically removed and a cat who ate fake plastic grass who vomited profusely and became anorexic as a result.

    The possibilities are endless so when decorating for each season think about the hazards before placing things within reach.

    If ever in doubt don’t hesitate to call us first.