Ride For Paws 2014

Tammy Vajda is a client of ours here at Hillcrest Animal Hospital. A couple of years ago Tammy took it upon herself to try to come up with a way to raise funds for a couple of local groups that help animals. Tammy also really likes to ride motorcycles. Now Tammy is a bit “quirky” so she decided that she would combine these two passions and in doing so she created the annual Ride For Paws.

“Ride for Paws” raises money for a charity very dear to the hearts of veterinarians in this area, Fixed Fur Life. These folks have done a tremendous amount of good for both strays and pets owned by folks in financial difficulties. Please visit their website and learn about them. They will also be at our Open House this coming weekend (September 6th) where they will be fund-raising alongside our staff. Drop by and drop off some money for this great charity!

Another charity the Ride fundraises for is the S.E.B.A. Foundation, a rescue for the rehabilitation of sled dog huskies run by Nedi Tsouroulis and Paul Sweeney.

They also donate to the Sandy Pines Wild Life Centre (a rescue for wild animals that are hurt or need to be relocated) and The Quinte Humane Society.

This year the ride had over 240 motorcycles participating! Following are a couple of pics from the ride sent to us by Tammy. Feel free to click on the link below and view all of the photos taken on the ride day.

Keep up the great work Tammy!

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Mike Steen
Hillcrest Animal Hospital