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Ramps and Walkers.. Oh My!

Senior pets may need help to get around. Owners of elderly pets could take some tips from my 92-year-old Mum on ways to maintain mobility in the senior years. Between hip replacements and spinal fusion surgeries, Mum has faced huge challenges in her life, but by manipulating her environment, she keeps right on going pretty […]

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Arthritis and “Old Age”

Arthritis, or more properly, degenerative joint disease (djd), is one of my favourite educational topics with clients. Many people have the mistaken idea that dogs (and cats) become lame and less mobile with age. This is simply not so. When dogs seem a bit slow to get up, when they stop jumping up into the […]

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Would You Know the Difference - Online Ordering Precautions

Nowadays, you can get everything online.

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