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Joy for All

Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

Over the past few months, I have seen articles floating around about Hasbro’s robotic dog and cats. Initially, I didn’t think much of it because when I saw the pictures of the toys, I assumed they were just that, children’s toys.

Our Staff

Fun & Quirky Facts About Our Staff

It is finally time for me to write a purely fun and entertaining blog. I started here at Hillcrest Animal Hospital on December 1st, 2016 and so I am trying to learn more about my workmates. I thought clients may find some of the quirky facts interesting, entertaining and even...

pet of the month domino

Pet of the Month: Domino

My 10-year-old German Shepherd x Husky loved to get into stuff he shouldn’t have when he was younger. Anywhere from eating his stuffed animals, chewing on baseboards, eating the bottom of my couch and also eating my bedding. Domino started to have extreme diarrhea.

Turtle standing on a rock

Talkin’ Turtles

Here at Hillcrest, not only do we love our cats & dogs, but we care about their wilder (& shelled) counterparts, too!  On Tuesday, March 28th we hosted the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre here in our clinic to learn about the organization, including what they are doing to make a...