QHS Monthly Surgery

For the last year, and the foreseeable future, we have had a “deal” with the Quinte Humane Society. Once a month we perform a free major surgery on one of their critters that would be very adoptable if their problem was treated.

The first of these was a cat named “GuGu” who had some horrific dental disease. We are both sad and glad that “GuGu” is now fat and sassy. “Sad” because he is still a resident at the shelter, and “glad” for obvious fat and sassy reasons. So maybe give the shelter a shout and ask about “GuGu”…

In August we repaired a badly fractured hip in a wonderful Rottweiler mix dog named “Star. You can read her story in Dr. Gilchrist’s Fuzzy Logic article about her.

Star the dog after surgery

Every month we will be posting a new story highlighting each of these animals in the hope that reading their stories may help them to become adopted. Make sure you “drop by” each month and read these stories either on our website or on our facebook page.

Dr. Mike Steen
Hillcrest Animal Hospital
August, 2012