Would You Know the Difference – Online Ordering Precautions

Nowadays, you can get everything online. It is quite convenient to be able to order your pet’s medications and have them delivered right to your door, no questions asked. How do you know that you are getting what you have ordered?

Currently, there are lots of online pet pharmacies where you can order your pets flea and tick medication as well as other medications at a much lower cost than your veterinary clinic. The issue is a lot of these places where the product is coming from are not guaranteed that you are getting the same product that you would be getting from your veterinarian. Lots of the products look very similar to the ones that can be purchased from a veterinary clinic, but there are some key things that are also missing.

We have recently had an incident where a product was brought into us that had been ordered from a Canadian online pharmacy. Once the product was received, it was actually manufactured in Australia and was not even approved for sale in Canada. If this product had caused any adverse reactions with the pet, the Canadian department of the company would not support anything as they do not even deal with that product, which could leave for a very sticky situation and potentially very harmful situation for your pet.

Many of the drug companies DO NOT release their products to be sold to anyone but veterinary suppliers.

Please be aware when ordering online that you may not always be getting the product you think you are. Ensure before using the product on your pet that it is safe in Canada to be used.

If you ever have any questions or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we would be more than happy to help.

Written by: Jennifer Lewis, ACA